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A Comprehensive Guide to Men's Suit Styles

Welcome to Suave & Debonair's journey through the sophisticated world of men's suiting!

From classic cuts that stand the test of time to contemporary trends shaping modern elegance, our quick guide is your one stop shop to understanding the main different types of mens suits.

1. Single-Breasted Suit: A Timeless Classic

Single Breasted Suit

The single-breasted suit reigns supreme as the most versatile and commonly worn style. Featuring a single row of buttons down the front, this classic suit adapts effortlessly to various occasions. Whether with one, two, or three buttons, and adorned with notch or peak lapels, the single-breasted suit is a wardrobe staple that every man should own.

2. Double-Breasted Suit: Embracing Formality

Double Breasted Suit

For those seeking an extra dash of formality, the double-breasted suit is the epitome of elegance. Characterised by two parallel columns of buttons, this style adds a touch of sophistication to any wardrobe. Whether boasting peak or shawl lapels, the double-breasted suit is a timeless choice for special occasions.

3. Two-Piece vs. Three-Piece Suit: A Matter of Layers

Two Piece Vs Three Piece Suit

The classic two-piece suit, comprising a jacket and trousers, is the foundation of every well-dressed man's wardrobe. Elevate your style by adding a vest to create a three-piece suit. The waistcoat introduces an additional layer of refinement, providing versatility in both formal and casual settings.

4. Tuxedo: Black-Tie Elegance


Reserved for the most formal occasions, the tuxedo is the ultimate in evening-wear. Distinguished by satin or silk details, this ensemble exudes glamour. With a bow tie as its customary companion, the tuxedo ensures a gentleman stands out at black-tie events.

5. Morning Suit: Dawn of Formal Daytime Attire

Morning Suit

A symbol of daytime formality, the morning suit is often seen at weddings and prestigious daytime events. Featuring a tailcoat paired with contrasting trousers and a light-coloured waistcoat, this traditional ensemble radiates timeless charm.

6. Lounge Suit: The Everyday Elegance

Lounge Suit

The quintessential business and everyday suit, the lounge suit is a staple for various occasions. Single-breasted and typically neutral in colour, it strikes the perfect balance between formality and versatility.

7. Seersucker and Seasonal Suits: Dress for the Season

Seersucker suit

Dress with the seasons in mind. Embrace the lightweight, puckered cotton of the seersucker suit for summer events. For winter, opt for heavier materials like wool or tweed to stay warm while maintaining style.

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