These Suave Clothing Brands will Enhance Your Wardrobe

These Suave Clothing Brands will Enhance Your Wardrobe

If like me, you're a fan of the TV program Suits, you've probably pictured yourself in the shoes of a certain Harvey Specter a time or two.

Suave. Sartorial. Whether he's lounging in his penthouse or crushing the opposition in the courtroom, he's immaculately dressed.

In this post, we've put together our pick of the most suave clothing brands out there, with a few pieces that are guaranteed to turn heads.

Read on - because your wardrobe is about to get Litt the hell up.

Tom Ford

Link: Tom Ford

Tom Ford Suit

Often the tailor for Daniel Craig's on-screen Bond, you expect nothing less than incredible elegance from Tom Ford. Their menswear collection showcases impeccable tailoring, refined fabrics, and a fusion of classic and modern design elements.

A staple name in mens fashion, and a suave clothing brand if ever we saw one. 

Paul Smith

Link: Paul Smith

Paul Smith Suit

Mr. Paul Smith has long been known as a fashion icon, bringing a much-needed bold and occasionally eccentric touch to British menswear.

The Paul Smith collection encapsulates a unique fusion of classic tailoring with a quirky and contemporary edge. Their signature multi-coloured stripe adds a touch of irreverence to their now easily-recognisable wardrobe staples.

Ermenegildo Zegna

Link: Ermenegildo Zegna

Zegna Suit

An Italian luxury fashion house founded in 1910, the name is well known for it's commitment to craftsmanship and materials. In fact, the brand even has it's own wool-mill, so it can control the entire production process - from raw material to finished garment. 

Pretty unique - and, of course, it results in some of the finest blazers, shirts, trousers and accessories around.


Link: Gucci

Gucci Suit

A favourite - nay, a powerhouse, of Italian fashion. Gucci is a near obsession amongst the top ranks of the rich and famous.

Instantly recognisable from their iconic symbols (including the double-G logo, horse-bit hardware, and the green and red stripe motif), their maximalist aesthetic often features vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and a mix of eclectic and vintage-inspired designs.


Link: Brioni

Brioni Suit

You'd be hard-pushed to find someone that does bespoke tailoring as well as Brioni; their suits have a long-standing reputation for meticulous precision, hand sewn finishes and overall mastery of their craft.

Whether it's high-quality wool, cashmere, silk and linen, Brioni have been producing the perfect fit since Brosnan's Bond.


Link: Canali

Canali Suit

Founded by brothers Giovanni and Giacomo Canali in 1930's Italy, Canali's rich history is deeply rooted in the tradition of fine tailoring. Over the years it has become a global leader in mens luxury-wear.

For suits with precision cuts and sophisticated lines which exude that certain Italian elegance, you could do much worse.

Hugo Boss

Link: Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Suit

German luxury fashion: sophisticated, contemporary, sleek, smart, modern. Hugo Boss encapsulate it all. For me it's the "Boss" line which wins out with it's timeless classics - but we're not against some of the trendier "Hugo" pieces from time to time. 

Whenever there's a red carpet around, there's sure to be some Hugo Boss clothing nearby. I wonder how we can get the stats on that?

Final Thoughts: Suave Clothing Brands

Europe is a powerhouse of suave fashion. Over the last century, we've been home to some of the most talented tailors and suit-makers the world has ever seen.

Whether your look is one of modern elegance or classic aristrocraticy, there's surely something in this list to unleash your inner Harvey Specter.

Whilst you're here, why not check out our guide on How To Dress Suave for more?

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