Swedish Luxury Shirt Brands to Look Out For This Season

Swedish Luxury Shirt Brands to Look Out For This Season

What does Scandinavian design make you think of? For me, it's sleek, minimalist design, of course - but always with a sense of class and easiness.

Sure, we all love our Italian shirts. The Brunello Cucinelli's, Corneliani's and Luca Faloni's. But if you're looking embrace a unique blend of minimalism, quality craftsmanship and sustainable practices, it might be time to branch out.

And when you're ready to do so, cast your eyes to the north. Here are our pick of the top Swedish luxury shirt brands to keep on your radar this season.

John Henric

Link: John Henric Shirts

John Henric Dark Blue Striped Poplin Swedish Shirt Brand 

The Swedish founders of John Henric have a typically Scandi vision - to provide high quality luxury garments with genuine craftsmanship.

Their smart casual clothing is equally at home jetting off to the south of France as it is performing at the office or attending a wedding.

When it comes to shirts, Swedish design meets Italian fabrics to create a perfect blend of form and function. You'll find little here that's too dressy - but everything is exceptionally designed and crafted.

Pictured above is the Dark Blue Striped Poplin Shirt - a timeless fit with a simple pattern and classic collar.


Link: Asket Shirts

Asket Italian Style Poplin Swedish Shirt

Suave & Debonair are passionate about slow fashion - we believe you should buy well made clothing that stands the test of time.

It's no surprise then that Asket are right up our street. If you are looking for essential staples that will never go out of style, their selection is up there with the best.

We particularly like their selection of Oxford shirts, crafted from 100% organic Portuguese-milled cotton, Italian style Poplin shirts (pictured) and summer sun friendly linen shirts.

The Row

Link: The Row Shirts

The Row Melvin Shirt in Sky Blue

For those who are true fans of Swedish design, we turn to The Row. Their shirts blend a relaxed fit with simple sophistication - only for those who are ready to make a statement.

Exceptional fabrics, excellent details and precise in-house tailoring are underlined with design that speaks to simplistic yet bold shapes.

Pictured above, the Melvin Shirt in Sky Blue, showcasing the relaxed fit typical of the brand - crafted from 100% cotton and made in Italy.

Tiger of Sweden

Link: Tiger of Sweden Shirts

Tiger of Sweden Farrell 5 Shirt

We generally think of Swedish fashion as nouveau and modern - up-and-coming, even.

That's how you might categorise Tiger of Sweden, but you'd be wrong; the Stockholm-based fashion house was actually founded in 1903.

There's a really nice range of subtly distinctive formal shirts here which are versatile enough to serve you for both work and leisure.

For our image feature we've chosen the slim fitting Farrell 5 Shirt in White.

Eton Shirts

Link: Eton Shirts

Eton White Signature Swedish Twill Shirt

You're right - Eton doesn't sound like a very Swedish name for a shirt company. Let us explain.

They might be one of the most renowned shirtmakers around, but the Eton story started in the Swedish village of Gånghester in 1928.

Around this time, the owners of a small shirt-making business - Annie & David Peterson - were told by their sons about a British town called Eton, in which everyone seemed impeccably dressed.

Fast forward almost 100 years, and Eton have a fine range of dress shirts. Cotton, linen, cashmere; patterned or plain; classic, slim or contemporary.

Pictured is the White Signature Twill Shirt to give you a flavour of what they're all about.

Our Final Notes on Swedish Luxury Shirt Brands

Have we convinced you to go Scandinavian yet? For me, these Swedish shirt brands represent a breeding ground of talent that may well compete with some of the refined European designers we know and love.

Ready for more? Check out our favourite British shirt designers right here.

Is John Henric a good brand?

John Henric is a staple amongst Swedish brands, providing garments with solid craftsmanship. They use Italian fabrics, combined with Scandinavian design - aiming to create timeless pieces rather than fast fashion.

What brands are like John Henric?

If you're looking for similar brands to John Henric, you could check out Asket, Tiger of Sweden and Eton, which are shown in this article. John Henric's price point is accessible, similar to that of English brands Charles Tyrwhitt and Hawes & Curtis, Japanese brand Uniqlo and Spanish brand Mango Man.

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