Our Top 5 Locations for a Truly Stylish Summer

Our Top 5 Locations for a Truly Stylish Summer

Back in 1991 a Young Will Smith gave us his "new definition of summer madness" - so here, in 2023 we felt the time was right to give you ours.

I think we can all agree with Will that summertime really is time to sit back and unwind - ideally with an ice cold summer rosé in hand. The question is, where should you park yourself to enjoy said rosé?

We could cut this short and just advise anything within 2 hours from Naples, arguably the most iconic part of the world for the season - but that would be a little lazy. Instead, here are our top 5 locations for a gentleman's summer.


I for one can't think of a summer's day on the Island of Cuba without hearing Pierce Brosnan's James Bond ordering a Mojito while a young Halle Berry steps out of the crystal blue sea to join him - does it get much better than that?

Should you make your way to the "Pearl of the Antilles" I can promise you a lot to smile about.

If you want mountains, jungle or stunning beaches then Cuba has it all. If you want nightlife, food, dancing, culture then head to Havana for the time of your life.

Cuba has architecture to die for, glamours hotels to rest in and a culture that will touch your heart. And, don't even get me started on the cars… oh the cars...


French Riviera

There are few places quite as iconic as "the riviera" - the perfect way to enjoy it is a combination of drive and chill.

Step 1 - get yourself behind the wheel of the most iconic car you can find. Ideally a classic Ferrari or a Bugatti if you want to go full French. If neither are available then anything without a roof will do.

Step 2 - plan your route. We advise something along the lines of Monaco, Nice, Cannes, St Tropez.

Step 3 - start at Casino Square in Monte Carlo with a light breakfast at the Hotel du Paris. Explore Monaco, enjoy the ridiculous yachts and visit the palace - walking the street track of Formula 1's most timeless race as you go. If you are staying in Monaco then we recommend either the Metropole Hotel or the Fairmont Hotel. If you want to save money to help pay for that Ferrari then the Novotel will do the job on a budget. Once you have finished exploring we suggest you head to the Nikki Beach club on top of the Fairmont Hotel for a bite to eat and something special to drink - after all, you are in Monte Carlo!

Step 4 - Jump in whatever car you have arranged and hit the road. You are about to cruise along the Riviera, along cliff top roads, through tunnels that surely must have been designed to hear the roar of a V12. Enjoy this and take it in - it doesn't get much better than this!

Step 5 - Nice is a short drive from Monaco, stop here for a visit and a quick cafe au lait to fuel the next leg.

Step 6 - Cannes. You won't be able to move for pictures of Steve McQueen, luxury designer shops and cracking places to eat. Cannes is worth a night or two. Try the Old Town one night, a beautiful little set of old world streets with dining right on the cobbles, local unpretentious food that feels like real France. Along the beach you will find as fine a selection of beach clubs as anywhere, grab a lounger and enjoy something with bubbles.

Step 7 - Back on the horse. The drive from Cannes to St Tropez is incredible. The first part is nothing to write home about, but after about 30 minutes you come off main roads and follow a simple road the rest of the way. You will be a few metres from the waters edge with the (hopefully) calm ocean providing the perfect backdrop to your idyllic drive.

Step 8 - St Tropez. Beach clubs, top restaurants, big boats, boutique shops, some of the best nightlife in the world - this is linen shirts by day and living your best life by night. I can almost hear Clair de Lune playing while I write this.

Step 9 - Did someone say helicopter? If you can, return your car in St Tropez and take a chopper back to Nice airport (assuming that you are flying home) - It is likely more affordable than you might think and it will give you the most amazing view of the Riviera to round off your trip. If you do it, you will never forget it.

The French Riviera


Nestled in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast you will find Malta - and my word, what a find it is.

History, culture, architecture, food, drink and weather that will provide a tan to take you through to Christmas.

The capital is Valletta and is quite the experience. Amazing and massive stone buildings create narrow lanes to explore while leading to open squares with entertainment, art and all the refreshments you will most certainly need if you are walking around in the hot days.

For a city with such history there is a charming blend of the new - shopping centres (air conditioned) and hotels to satisfy those who like things very much up to date.

Perfect for a 4 night refresh - make sure you have access to a pool.



Oh so much Italy.

Class, style, and an unmeasurable level of cool - when it comes to summer you just cannot beat Italy. 

Your Instagram grid will never look as good as it will after a few days on the Amalfi coast - from Portofino beauty to the streets of Sorrento. This is a classy gentlemen's dream come true. 

Like a lot of travel, words don't really do this place justice - it has to be seen to be believed. But if I were to try and put it into words it would be words like, suave, debonaire, elegant, charm. If you have not been at least twice then you should strongly consider it. It's a must must experience.

From George Clooney checking into the iconic Mandarin Oriental, to the Roy family stopping by on their Helicopter (Succession for those that don't know) - If cool is king, then lake Como is the throne. 

Once you have finished your tour of the Amalfi then head to the lakes for tall trees, stunning views, a sun deck and a boat trip. Don't forget your effortlessly stylish boat shoes.

If that's not enough Italy for you then you could do a lot worse than head to Pisa, Rome, Milan, Capri, Tuscany, Matera, Sicily, Verona or Garda - like I say, Italy wow!

Amalfi Coast


Jump across the Adriatic Sea from Italy and you will find a little jewel of peace, tranquillity and beauty.

One of the things you will notice about Montenegro is how green the landscape is and how blue the ocean looks as its backdrop. Rolling hills, and spectacular views that no one would get bored of.

Our top tip, get the sails up. This is the perfect place to get on the water and let the gentle sea sway you into complete relaxation mode.

Montenegro is a classy place, quiet, beautiful and blissful - a good book and a bottle of your favourite wine will be almost all you need, that is until the sun sets. Now you are sorted.


Bonus option - Cornwall - UK

It may not sound as glamorous as our other options, but don't overlook the south west corner of the UK. Cornwall is fast becoming a top top spot for summer travel. Coastal towns like Looe and Fowey are as popular with the British billionaires as the likes of Dubai.

Once you arrive you will be spoilt for options when it comes to quintessential countryside walks along the coast - pack your picnic and don't forget the English Sparkling wine you picked up at any one of the many English Vineyards covering the south coast.

Head to the beach and capture some timeless beach day photography that will last a generation. Then stop off for a cold pint at a traditional pub.

Want something a little more iconic, then head to St Michaels Mount just outside Penzance and you no doubt channel feelings of France.


So there you have it, our top options for your summer holiday. Wherever you go remember to take it in. Most people are too busy taking the perfect photo these days to actually stand back, take a deep breath and be present in that moment. Life is short. Travel is amazing. Make sure you can remember the sun on your face and sand in-between your toes when you hit 90.

Have fun!


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