Four Luxury Shirt Brands You've Never Heard Of

Four Luxury Shirt Brands You've Never Heard Of

A shirt can go one of two ways. It's either a statement of class, a sharp fit, a flawless shape - or it's not. I've worn shirts that cut the mustard and I've worn shirts where something isn't quite right, and the difference is hard to pin down.

Your personal style is a factor. It might be that some of the luxury shirt brands in this article aren't for you - and that's OK. However…

Whilst they might not be household wardrobe names - yet - I'd argue that some of these shirts deserve to be. In fact, I think some of them will be.

I've included a small but detailed selection, from sustainable linen shirts for St. Tropez, to casual cotton numbers for a late night cocktail, to highly durable yet effortlessly smart business-wear staples.

Let's begin.

Koy Clothing

Recommended for: superbly elegant linen shirts for this years classy summer getaway.

There's a lot that we love about Koy Clothing. Founded by Jimmy and Alastair Scott, the brand have a varied offering of suits, outerwear, shirts, polos, chinos and shorts. That's not the impressive bit though.

The two brothers founded Koy Clothing on a mission to give back, with the goal of sharing the beauty of Africa through luxury yet ethical fashion. A whopping 20% of profits from every garment you buy goes straight into Kenyan communities, supporting the communities, people and wildlife.

So it's ethical. Its sustainable. It's luxury. But is it fashionable?

Unsurprisingly, yes. Koy shirts are instantly recognisable. We particularly rate their linen shirts, which feature authentic Kenyan Kikoy fabric on the cuffs and collar - think Paul Smith, but laid back and less eccentric.

Pastels, pales and darker shades alike all exude class - straight away I'm picturing them at home on a yacht in the adriatic, or paired with a cigar in a Cuban café. There's an idea that to be elegant one has to conform, but Koy are crushing that notion.

So if you're looking for a subtle twist on this years wardrobe, Koy's linen shirts are (in my opinion) a must-buy. Get them on your list!

Eden Park

Recommended for: smart casual cotton shirts, comfortable & perfect for relaxed dates or drinks.

Paris fashion brand Eden Park are here to show us that it's not just the Italians who know what they are doing when it comes to luxury shirts. In terms of style and fit, their smart-casual cotton and linen shirts are up there with the best.

We're particularly enamoured with the detail. Those who tend towards plain shirts (like me, in fact) can struggle to find something personal - after a while it can all bleed into one. But Eden Park are masters of adding just a dash of je ne sais quoi - a floral elbow patch here, a hidden embroidered stripe there.

Whilst they may match better with a pair of chinos or linen shorts than a high-performance business suit, if your office has a relaxed vibe a selection of Eden Park shirts will make for a wardrobe that says "yes I'm the CEO - but I'm also approachable."

And, as I've mentioned, the cotton shirts are perfect for a relaxed evening of drinks where you need to look effortlessly suave.

House of Cavani

Recommended for: making your next power move in the boardroom.

House of Cavani have an outstanding selection shirts for a range of occasions, but in my opinion their formal and business shirts are the real standout pieces.

Models like the Monaco, Alexa and Eldon shirt have that unique quality of fit which exude luxury, confidence and style. They're smart and trim with strong collars - perfectly paired with a classic tie but equally classy with one button undone.

In terms of colour, House of Cavani seem to get it just right. The Monaco shirt, for example, comes in a standard black or white - but the navy, olive and ice blue shades are bold without being bright, and stand out without being jazzy.

If you're looking to branch out around the office but want to raise your status - rather than raising eyebrows - we'd recommend their collection.

Pure Shirts

Recommended for: an all-rounder for the office that will stand up to anything you throw at it.

Up-and-coming shirt designers Pure Shirts have made the list because of a particular style of flagship shirt that they are pioneering: The Functional Shirt.

Could this be the ultimate shirt for work? It's unique combination of materials is stretchy yet doesn't give. It's breathable - featherweight light, in fact - yet still sturdy. It's quick drying and doesn't need ironing.

In a word - they've got it right: it's functional.

That means you can stick it through the wash on Sunday afternoon and it'll be ready to wear on Monday morning. You can cycle to work, without having to worry about loose threads. The Functional Shirt is an investment in durability as well as style. The craftsmanship is evident down to the last detail - so proponents of slow fashion can rest assured that it's built to last.

Luxury Shirt Brands You've Never Heard Of

Maybe you'd prefer to stick to the classic labels, but for me there's something about finding your own way. The brands above embrace slow fashion with their timeless pieces. 

This is your chance to get in there before everyone else and be a trailblazer. Enjoy!

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